The Highland Prayer

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When the world was dark, and blackness 
enshrouded the farthest corners of the universe, you came.
You stepped into the void and said let there be light
You brought life where it was once void and empty
You created something beautiful in a space where nothing existed 
You crept into chaos and created order
You kissed the atmosphere and filled it with glory beyond comprehension

When humanity was in the darkness of sin, as a babe you came,
Wearing nothing more than swaddling clothes and trusting frail human hands to hold their Maker
You crept in beside us and did something different

You stepped into the void of humanity and brought hope
You raised the dead with 2 words, come forth 
You put demons and all of hell to flight with your presence 
You gave beauty for ashes, love for fear and turned mourning into joy

Will you do the same again? Will you break the silence and rebuke the darkness? Will you bring hope where there is only despair? Will you speak peace where there is turmoil? Will you do something different?

Will you come into the quietness of this place?
Not the tender quietness as when lovers hold hands
But the fearful silence when the phone has not rung, the message has not come
The friendly voice no longer speaks
The doctors face says it all?

Will you come into the darkness of today's world;
Not the friendly darkness as when sleep rescues us from tiredness
But the fearful darkness  in which people have stopped believing that God is love, hunger will cease, the church cares, and that war will end?

Will you come into the darkness and do something different and save your people from death and despair? Will you come into the darkness and raise up a people who will stand for your Word, live for your peace, die for your Truth and speak for justice?

Father, Will you come into the darkness and heal our hurt, mend out lives, crush our pride,  forgive our sins, transform our minds, and humble our hearts?

God, Will you come into the darkness and raise up an army strong in your Spirit, true to your testimony, firm in your faith,  and grounded in grace?

Lord, will you come into this church and give us a hunger for your word, a thirst for your love and an unquenchable desire for your presence?

We ask this in Jesus' name; not because we are worthy, but because the fullness of our lives depends on You coming into our darkness and doing something different.

Will you do something different Lord?